Monday, September 13, 2010

A Page for December

What a beautiful day! Our Monday sketch group met at Belmont Harbor. It was the first time in several weeks that I've been able to be there so I did a lot of catching up - chatting. I did get these quick captures done. Just enough for a visual respite come December!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Plugging Away!

Two more assignments done! I rarely use backgrounds in my journals. I like my "white space". But I had fun doing these samples and will work on adding more backgrounds in the future. In the second assignment I played with the enlarging the stripes idea and the plaid border from a previous assignment. That led me to play with the different points of view with the cherries. I should have planned better for the text. I ended up cutting and pasting over the original since there was a misspelling. The blank squares were left that way on purpose. I wanted a little breathing room, that "white space" thing maybe.

It's funny how looking at a scanned image can help you see things that you don't see at first. The double cherries would be more effective if I had the shadow cross over on to the background border.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late! Reprise

This week has been as crazy as the Mad Hatter's tea party! That's my excuse for being so late with my assignments and I'm sticking to it.

When I opened a box of Bonkers Tea the tag on the tea bag reminded me of one of the borders that I did for the first half of this lesson. Tonight, I finally sat down with a cup of the tea and went to work. This is the second half of assignment 7 on borders.