Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Worth the Wait – Usually

Waiting patiently isn't one of my virtues–not even close! But there is something about waiting and sketching other people waiting that I enjoy. Maybe it's the fascination of looking at everyone doing the same thing – waiting – but doing it in their own style. Ah, the human comedy with suitcases, cell phones, sodas and Starbucks for props!

The top sketch was done at O'Hare airport waiting for the arrival of family. The other was done at DePaul University, looking out the lobby window in one of their downtown buildings, again waiting for family.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Summer in the City

Urban Sketchers Chicago - sharing our city

Martha, me, Miriam, LuEllen, Alex 

The fruits of our laughter -uh- labor.
Miriam Ben, an Urban Sketcher from Munich, Germany, was in town and connected with Alex Zonis to arrange a sketch-together in Chicago. We sketched at Millennium Park, near the Bean (aka Cloud Gate). What a great time it was, lots of laughter, chatting and sketching! Thank you ladies for arranging it.

Miriam sketches quickly and beautifully! She inspired me to work faster and complete the painting on the spot. She completed two good sized sketches to my thumbnails! I added the text and photo at home. I have to try and keep up the momentum.

We sketched the tourists. The tourist photographed and filmed us. A group of children even joined us in sketching. We provided paper and pencils. They supplied their enthusiasm and remarkable ability. I always love to see a new generation of sketchers eager to share their visions.

All in all it was a beautiful summer evening in the city.