Thursday, March 15, 2012

Point of View

Monday our local sketch group  met at the Chicago Cultural Center. We had a brief discussion about upcoming venues and then headed off in different directions to sketch. It was one of those Chicago days that was lovely one minute, iffy the next and then back to lovely. I chose to stay inside and sketch just in case.

This was done from a second floor  (maybe it was the third floor) window. Looking east, toward the lake, the Pritzker Pavilion looks like it's in full sail. I sketched at the window and then added color when we regrouped in the CCC lobby. 

I usually don't duplicate posts on different blogs but I've posted several other views of this sketch over at Urban Sketchers-Midwest

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sounds Like a Plan

The morning should begin with a quick sketch or two. I really like that idea. Maybe I'll incorporate Cathy Johnson's lessons at the Online Strathmore Workshop 2 as a starting point. Two of these pages are from lesson 1. The third one is my palette. When I rearrange my palette I make a swatch map. I scan it and print it to paste into my various sketchbooks. 

The eucalyptus pods caught my eye when I was out shopping the other day and I couldn't resist buying a branch. I think they'd be gorgeous in a larger still life. They've certainly been great to see the first thing in the morning!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

So Much to Learn

It's been a hectic week and I'm glad I have the watercolor class to make me take time to paint.  Dan Goodwin at A Big Creative Yes had a post recently about the first port of the day. As you begin the day's adventure, he suggests that you start the day doing something creative. A while ago, I also read about someone who began their work day, everyday, with a sketch taken from a photo in the morning paper. (I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them credit. It was in one of Danny Gregory's books I think.) Anyway, I believe they're on to something - maybe "Morning Sketches" instead of Morning Pages! Hmm–seems like a plan is brewing in my head…
This watercolor was done in class last week. It's from a photo I took in Santorini. The doorways tucked all over the curving, hilly and narrow streets  fascinated me. It's painted on 300 lb. Arches paper though Fabriano is more to my liking.  This painting, though not a gem, was worth the effort. I learned a lot.