Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stealth Sketching at Starbucks

Often when I'm the docent on duty at LUMA I stop in at Starbucks in between tours. It's always a great place to sketch. If you've read this Tuesday's Tips and Tricks over at Urban Sketchers-Chicago you'll quickly see why. You can sit with your back to the wall. You can choose quick sketching with the ever changing customers. If your in the mood for a slow sketch there are plenty of models to choose from.  Everyone is absorbed in their own thoughts or work so they don't notice you. AND you have a table to work on (that's a luxury for urban sketching).

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Drawing on the Grid

In my recent Tuesday Tips and Tricks over on the Urban Sketchers-Chicago blog I discuss designing sketchbook/journal pages using a grid. With so many years in print magazine design working to the  grid is second nature to me. I don't think I fully realized how ingrained it is until I remembered this pastel pencil drawing I did some years ago. Everything old is new again.