Monday, August 31, 2009

Out and About

These are two quick sketches done on site. The first one was done at the Green City Market on Saturday. It was a chef demonstration. The chef was Rick Grish, executive chef of David Burke's Primehouse restaurant in Chicago. I got distracted when they passed out samples of heirloom-tomato bloody Marys! Yum. On Wednesdays, Chef Grish prepares a four course meal at the restaurant with items from the Wednesday Green City Market. If the pasta and heirloom tomatoes that I sampled are any indication of what to expect, it's a winner!

Today our sketch group went to Oliver Park, not far from Navy Pier. It's one of Chicago's best kept secrets, beautiful views of the lake and the city.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorite Foodie

To those of you have viewed my food diary sketches I must confess - I am not the cook. Most of those delicious sounding (and tasting) meals were cooked by my husband. Not only does he like to cook, he's great at it! Six or seven years ago he started to experiment in the kitchen. At first he was underfoot. Things changed quickly and soon I was the one in the way! I happily left the kitchen, rarely to return.

On Saturdays in the summer we go to the Green City Market, a fabulous farmers' market here in Chicago. My husband shops and I sketch. A good time is had by all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Best Laid Plans…

For the past two summers I've belonged to a loose knit group of sketchers. We meet on Monday at lunch time in various places around the city. Sometimes there are ten of us, sometimes only three. Last Monday we met at the Conservatory in Lincoln Park. Chicago weather being what it is, we figured if the weather was nice we could sketch outside in the garden, if it was hot and muggy or raining we could sketch inside. The weather was cooperating so we had our choice. I opted to sketch inside. About a half hour into it the sky darkened. I applauded my excellent decision. I could hear the rain beginning to tap on the glass roof, then the skies opened! Who knew the roof leaked! You can see little splashes on my sketch. We were sent laughing and running to find dry spots to stand until it let up.

However, rain or shine, on most days I think we laugh as much as we sketch.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flying High

It was a marvelous day at Oak Street Beach Friday, sunny, warm and exciting. We watched the rehearsal for the Chicago Air and Water Show without the tremendous crowds that filled the beach on Saturday and Sunday during the actual show. Some of the jets going by looked like paper airplanes gracefully gliding by-that is until the sound caught up with the view. Awesome!

There was a great fundraising event going on at the beach sponsored by Honor Flight Chicago. Their mission is to honor and thank our WWII veterans by bringing them to Washington DC, at no cost to them, for a day of honor. Heartfelt and heartwarming, I wish them success!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Need a Nap!

My daughter's nanny had a family emergency and since my hours are usually flexible I've been pressed into (joyful) service for a few days. Oh, to have their energy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer in the City

It has been a very cool summer in Chicago up until this last week. We're now experiencing the summer in the city of Chicago that we all love to gripe and/or brag about!

These are quick sketches drawn and painted on site at Millennium Park and Oak Street Beach.