Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Best Laid Plans…

For the past two summers I've belonged to a loose knit group of sketchers. We meet on Monday at lunch time in various places around the city. Sometimes there are ten of us, sometimes only three. Last Monday we met at the Conservatory in Lincoln Park. Chicago weather being what it is, we figured if the weather was nice we could sketch outside in the garden, if it was hot and muggy or raining we could sketch inside. The weather was cooperating so we had our choice. I opted to sketch inside. About a half hour into it the sky darkened. I applauded my excellent decision. I could hear the rain beginning to tap on the glass roof, then the skies opened! Who knew the roof leaked! You can see little splashes on my sketch. We were sent laughing and running to find dry spots to stand until it let up.

However, rain or shine, on most days I think we laugh as much as we sketch.


  1. Very nice sketches! I sketch with a group, too, although we meet at a new place each time, once a month. I also sketch on occation with friends on my lunch hour. The sharing is great and encouraging.

  2. Sounds like a fun outing, and I love what you came up with! Nice page spread here