Saturday, May 30, 2009

People Watching

It seems that Starbucks is part of a universal language. Over the last few weeks I've worked several trade shows. They're so great for people watching. One quick observation-when someone walks by with a cup of Starbucks a fleeting look of envy passes over the faces of those who see it, whether an exhibitor or attendee.

Waiting for the opening bell at RBTE.


  1. How funny--great observation. These latest postings on flickr and here are wonderful! I really enjoy your figures. Now you're making me want some coffee, and I don't even drink coffee--it makes me too antsy. ;)

  2. Your latest posts with people sketches are GREAT!! It is're making me dig out my sketchbook to go hunt down some faces thios week...nice work!

  3. Love these - your sketches have so much personality....