Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Plugging Away!

Two more assignments done! I rarely use backgrounds in my journals. I like my "white space". But I had fun doing these samples and will work on adding more backgrounds in the future. In the second assignment I played with the enlarging the stripes idea and the plaid border from a previous assignment. That led me to play with the different points of view with the cherries. I should have planned better for the text. I ended up cutting and pasting over the original since there was a misspelling. The blank squares were left that way on purpose. I wanted a little breathing room, that "white space" thing maybe.

It's funny how looking at a scanned image can help you see things that you don't see at first. The double cherries would be more effective if I had the shadow cross over on to the background border.


  1. I love your cherries! It's such a creative take on the assignment (I took the class earlier this year).