Monday, February 22, 2010


I spent many an early morning and many a late night in the stands in those cold arenas cheering for hockey teams! Good thing I love my son and the game! It was exciting to cheer last night but from the comfort of a warm sofa with a glass of wine in hand it wasn't quite the same.

Here are two sketches. The first one, from last night, is the EDM 261 challenge, draw something from the Olympics. I had forgotten how hard it is to draw hockey players in motion!

The other is of my son. It was done probably around 1987. He played from the time he was eight until his sophomore year in college when he gave up his hockey scholarship to come back to Chicago and major in art.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clueless in Chicago

I have no idea what kind of succulent this is but I really like its graphic quality. There is a new florist in the neighborhood, Christine Noelle Designs, and as I was walking by the other day I spied it in the window and couldn't resist.

The new floral studio is beautifully designed and the flowers are out of this world. I complemented them on such a wonderful space etc. and asked if they had other locations. "Yes." they said, "Dilly Lilly." LOL! Ten years ago, Dilly Lilly did the flowers for my daughter's wedding and, though a little out of the way for us, has often been our "go to" florist for very special occasions! Lost in the conversation, I didn't get the name of the plant!

EDM 257: draw a house plant