Friday, October 7, 2011

Homeward Bound

A three hour flight delay seemed like a suitable end to our trip, a trip that included a sick pup and several trips to the vet, getting rear ended on the Freeway, having a debit card deactivated because we didn't tell them we'd be using it out of state (it only took a quick phone call to fix that!), and lots of fun and laughter with our grandson!

When we finally arrived at O'Hare the jetway jammed and we sat in the plane for another twenty minutes until they fixed it. You know what? It was still a great trip!

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  1. Nice sketches. I guess every trip has snags. Too bad about the poor doggy (I once had to pay for a Sunday vet visit due to my dog getting a foxtail in his ear while travelling). I hope he's happy as can be now and hope you all didn't get more than shook up a bit in the car accident. Was that in San Francisco? I always thought it was a hard city to find my way around in due to traffic and that was 38 years ago! I can't imagine driving there now.