Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ah the Road and Intentions!

Here are more two exercises from One Drawing a Day. I'm not moving along daily as I had hoped to do. I'm learning that I must make time to do the exercises and I am getting better at that-not great but better.

#2 is done with dip pens and ink. It's a little tighter than I'd hoped but I did get caught up in the drawing.

#3 was done with bamboo pens and ink. They are "Celestial Dancing Beauties" from Cambodia. There are four of them but the fourth one didn't make the page. They're in the Art Institute of Chicago's Southeast Asia collection. I had great fun doing this drawing. I really got caught up in the movement of the figures.

Another habit I'm trying to cultivate is to withhold judgment and "just do it."


  1. that is an excellend habit to try to master, good luck ;)
    Wonderful sketches!

  2. Delightful sketches, I like the dancing figures very much, they look like they were fun to do.