Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Post or Not To Post

Our Monday sketch group met on Wednesday this month due  to the Easter holiday.  We call ourselves a sketching group but I think we're a chatting group that sketches – even in the Newberry Library where we met this month. Either way we have a good time. 
Right now the Newberry is hosting the Chicago Calligraphy Collectives annual exhibit, a remarkably beautiful show. I'm amazed at the creativity and skill of these artists. I'm envious!
These pages, done in my 8 x11.5 Moleskine watercolor book, are just some fast visual notes from the library lobby. Nothing much or great going on but it is what it is and I enjoyed doing it. 


  1. Cool page! Glad you posted it! Sketch groups are fun!

  2. I like it very much, your pages are always so nicely composed. Your lettering is very well done, did you use a calligraphy pen to do it?

  3. Thank you!
    I usually use a ultra fine Sharpie or a medium Sharpie pen to write. I used the Sharpie pen here. I would really love to learn to use a calligraphy pen. The exhibit was was inspiring AND intimidating!

  4. I am glad you posted this too! Great page, it makes me feel like I'm there!

  5. It is a really lovely page! I am glad you decided to post.

    Also, I would like to tell you something about a sketch group I am starting. Unfortunately I got got a new laptop and some addresses including yours did not transfer over. Could you send me a quick note to azonis[at]rcn[dot]com so I can reply to it and have your email again?



  6. Dear Barbara,

    I am a Chicago-based journalist, and I would like to write a piece about your sketching get-togethers in the city. Do you think you could possibly contact me via my e-mail (

    I've sent detailed information to your facebook page, but I am afraid fb messages often get lost.

    I am working against a tight deadline, so I would really appreciate you getting back to me as you receive this message.

    Thank you so much!