Monday, May 21, 2012

Alternate Universe?

Believe it or not these sketches were done in Chicago over the weekend. The top one was done at the Annual Kids Kite Festival at Montrose Harbor. It's always a great time. Amateurs and professionals alike (Professional kite flyer? Why didn't I hear about that job growing up?) spend the day battling the wind, string tangles and trees for that glorious moment when you catch the wind and soar!

The second one was done on Sunday at Lincoln Square. I met up with Urban Sketchers Chicago and enjoyed a delightful couple of hours. The band, Flon Flon and Musette, were a group of musicians from France. They've just recorded their first album.  It seems I was just getting into the drawing when their set was up! One band member is missing along with assorted limbs and instruments. Ah the thrilling sport of urban sketching!

Very different scenes than downtown Chicago and the NATO protests this weekend–


  1. Wonderful sketches, I think the kite festival sounds like fun.... professional kite flyer... who knew? I didn't hear about that at career day either LOL

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I especially love the box with the kites escaping. It's so alive!