Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Worth the Wait – Usually

Waiting patiently isn't one of my virtues–not even close! But there is something about waiting and sketching other people waiting that I enjoy. Maybe it's the fascination of looking at everyone doing the same thing – waiting – but doing it in their own style. Ah, the human comedy with suitcases, cell phones, sodas and Starbucks for props!

The top sketch was done at O'Hare airport waiting for the arrival of family. The other was done at DePaul University, looking out the lobby window in one of their downtown buildings, again waiting for family.


  1. These are great sketches, I wish I shared your fascination with airport sketching!

  2. Excellent sketches!!! I do the same thing, as you know, and I have not only abolished boredom, I often yearn for more time!