Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Resisting #5!

Exercise #5 involved using masking fluid or wax crayon to save the white of the paper. I never use a resist method when I paint but I had so much fun doing this I think I'll reconsider!

I know it's a fish knife  but we use it for butter and cheese just so I can see and use it often. I just love it. I found in a local shop called P.O.S.H. 


  1. I like the knife sketch an the texture acquired using masking tape. How is that done. I never use any devices while painting with watercolors since it never gives a soft natural look. Your sketch was well done and looks flowing.

  2. Hi, Lois, I used masking fluid rather than tape. I also manipulated the fluid a little with my fingers before it dried. Give it a try. It's fun.