Sunday, September 28, 2014

Out of This World

Angel, Martin Zürn 1640, LUMA

In never ceases to amaze  me how much Chicago has to offer- from theater to music to food to sports to art and on and on. This is a sketch done at LUMA (Loyola University Museum of Art) in the D'Arcy permanent collection – a beautiful Baroque, German, wooden angel. I added color at home.


  1. Barbara -
    Would you please consider teaching a workshop for beginning sketch/watercolorists on a weekend? I dont live in Chicago but I can travel there fairly easily, (and have a daughter I love to visit there), and would love to learn from you!

    Please think about it!


    1. Thank you, Mary! I may be teaching a class in Chicago next summer. I'll keep you posted on the blog about it or any others that may come up.