Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Hour and a Half to Visit the South Pacific

The Field Museum- Chicago
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted! So much for that resolution! My plan is to post more than last year so I better pick up the pace!

Today, Urban Sketchers-Chicago met at the Field Museum. I went to the South Pacific to sketch. Maybe I was searching for the sun but I discovered breath taking masks, costumes and musical instruments. The museum was crowded (free to Illinois residents in February and a Saturday) but people were so considerate! If they realized I was working they would make a real effort to say out of my field of vision. I really don't mind people going about their own way while I'm sketching that's part of being an urban sketcher, but thank you!

In this sketch I had fun playing with the textures. I applied the watercolor to the large face mask when I got home.


  1. I tried to comment on USK Chicago but It didn't seem to go through. Just wanted to say I adore your sketches and to thank you for sharing them. You are such an inspiration.

  2. Thank you for tracking me down to post your kind words! I really appreciate it. BTW your sketches are neat! I look forward to seeing more on your blog.