Thursday, September 29, 2016

360° and 365 Days a Year!

Recently I was discussing my favorite places to draw in Chicago, places that I return to and sketch at least once a year. I have quite a few! It dawned on me, I also have favorite things that I draw over and over again. The Hancock Tower is one of them.

Northwestly view from Olive Park

The Hancock Tower is the fourth tallest building in Chicago and surely one of the city's architectural icons. I don't know if it's one of my favorite building to draw, but from the number of times I've sketched it, it sure calls out to me. Though sometimes it plays hide-and-seek, it's always there for me to draw.

It's my directional beacon. It's also my neighbor, greeting me when I look out the window.

Looking East

Good morning, Chicago!

It's always there, calling me home.


  1. Great!All different, and all of them with the same fantastic presence!

  2. Love your sketches 👍