Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Postcard on Project.2

My admiration for bloggers has skyrocketed! It's pretty difficult to go, see, draw, enjoy, scan, post and keep up with everything else. Whew!

I've just returned from San Francisco and the Traveling Sketching™ Workshop taught by Richard Scott. What a great experience it was, marvelous classroom instruction in the morning, practical plein air experience and critiques in the afternoon.

The first day I had a life and death struggle with the fountain pen. The second day I relaxed and went back to my trusty Micron for the ink work. Surrounded by such an enthusiastic and friendly group my misgivings about working outside in public were nonexistent. I plan to do much more of it and build on what I've learned.

A bonus to the trip was a fun visit with my son, Andrew, and his wife, Genevieve, who live in San Francisco!

Here's a sampling of what I did in the workshop.

Classroom exercise (I added the watercolor later)

Thumbnails from the first day

Thumbnails from the second day

Quick color sketches from the second day


  1. Nice work - I'm especially drawn to the ones with color, but your line work is excellent too.
    Blogging does take time - I think that's why we all have time when we just can't do it for a while. It's always fun to come back to though!

  2. I love 'em. Heck I even love the line quality of your box outlines around your sketches :-)

  3. I looked up Richard Scott's website - I so envy you being able to attend a workshop - I spent years rendering and storyboarding, without much of a clue! Trials and lots of errors;o( I love your sketches here - so loose and airy.