Friday, March 20, 2009

Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (part 2)

Keeping a food diary has made me realize how much coffee I drink. I must confess not all cups are recorded in that diary. The small Handbook sketchbook, that fits so easily in my purse, documents many a quick visit to Starbucks. I really like the small (3.5 x 5.5) Handbook. I've been taking it everywhere and taking it out for a quick sketch is getting less and less intimidating! As I look at these sketches I can hardly believe the same person did all three. They definitely reflect my state of relaxation (or lack thereof)!

F.Y.I.-Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (part 1)


  1. I really love the food diaries you're doing and this last post here is beautiful--keep up the coffee if it produces this!

  2. What a great idea... the small size sounds very 'do-able'. Love your food diary sketches in the previous posts! Lovely blog, I'm about the 'follow' you.
    Happy weekend,