Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Another rainy day in Chicago. The Green City Market was open but it sure wasn't a day to sketch. These are a few sketches from last year that I didn't show you.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the trash cans and the people on the bench were really done the same day.

It's also the Old Town Art Fair weekend. My heart goes out to the exhibitors. If it let's up a little we may venture over. Tomorrow it should be sunny . Good for the artists but not for us-other plans will prevent us from going.


  1. Oh, I always feel awful for exhibitors when outdoor art events have a rainy day. I hope they still do well and have a good weekend! These are all charming.

  2. I love your lines. Hmmm.. looks like you're using the small moleskine watercolor book. You've given me an idea on how to use the larger as I don't really like it for watercolor alone but am in need of a secondary tote along sketch book. Love the neatness of your presentation!

  3. Great those bins!
    I enjoyed the sketch on your previous post too...the darker, more intense marks.

  4. Thank you all for you kind remarks! While we were heading over to Old Town the sun finally came out. The show was quite crowded!

    Suzanne-I've been using the small Handbook sketchbook for a little over a year. I really like it but I bumping up size wise the the square one.