Thursday, October 22, 2009

"They also serve who only stand and wait."

I was putting away my last completed sketchbook and came across these sketches that I didn't post.

In the beginning of October I had jury duty, again. You never get the summons at a convenient time! But, there is something about sitting there waiting to be called that builds a silent comradeship with the others in the room, a sense of pride in doing your civic duty and the inconvenience of it all!

And then there's Starbucks where we wait to be served - though never very long!

(My thanks to John Milton for the title.)


  1. These are great sketches and a wonderful use of your time! I served on a jury once. They didn't let us bring in pens, paper, or anything. Even our purses had to be locked in a special room. We had to use what they gave us! (oh the horror! They just didn't understand what a pen-snob I am!)

  2. These are really neat! I have just did my civil duty yesterday in the Criminal Court on 26th and California. Inspired by your sketches I brought my sketchbook with me, but didn't get a chance to sketch. Spent most of time in the actual courtroom where you have to listen. I didn't get selected to serve though.


  3. I love these! So glad you posted 'em. And I like that you included the stickers. You're so right about jury duty--it's never a convenient time, is it!?