Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Small Big World

Last week we joined friends for a great evening under the stars at the Pritzker Pavilion to hear the Grant Park Orchestra. It was a beautiful evening. No need for the umbrellas we lugged along with our chairs and dinner! While I sketch often when I'm out by myself or with the Monday sketch group this is the first time I ventured to sketch while out with "people".

Little did I know that Drew Bryant was there too! I love what a small big world we live in and how Flickr shows it to us!


  1. Barbara! I've been a stranger too long. These summer sketches are beautiful and I'm going to go back after leaving this comment to look more and longer.

    Sketching out with people - these things are like riding a bicycle. Once you start... it's easier the next time. But you know that!

    Okay... going back now for another look.

  2. Sketching with "people"? You are sooooo brave! I can barely bring myself to do a sketchcrawl! :-) I'm meeting Liz (Borfomini bear) this week to sketch and am totally intimidated!

  3. Sounds like a fun evening...great sketch

  4. Aagh..blogger doesn't want to post my comment! Let's try with another account..
    Lovely sketch Barbara dn you're painting us a wonderful evening with your recount

  5. Excellent sketches, Barbara! I know how you feel about sketching while out with others - I often feel intimidated and draw way too quickly.

  6. Wonderful, Barbara! Most of the time, if I'm with people, I feel odd bringing out my sketchbook. Not a lot of artist friends or family, and they sometimes look embarrassed when I do. My husband and my mother are the only two that don't seem to mind. Too bad you didn't actually see Drew while you were there! It really is a small, big world!!