Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something for Everyone

What a beautiful morning in Chicago! The Green Market was bustling and crowded. It reminded me of Ionesco's poem-
Love life everything--
pale lights
markets medley of
green lettuce,
red cherries,
golden grapes, and
purple eggplants--
all so extraordinary!
you get excited, you talk to people
and people talk to you,
you touch
and they touch you.
All this is magical,
like some endless celebration.
-Eugene Ionesco

I only had a few minutes to sketch but since I wasn't doing the shopping nor will I be doing the cooking, I'm not complaining!


  1. I visited the other day and you may have moved on to the next post - but I had to say that I love the sketch. I like the way he is leaning and the angle of the guitar. The angular-ness of the whole thing. The tapping foot. And I love the poem!

  2. Thank you Dan. Coming from you I am really complimented.