Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thar She Blows or I Should Have Seen It Coming!

Navy Pier in Chicago is a great place to sketch, great outdoor and indoor opportunities. You can choose your spot depending on the weather. Since the days of sketching outdoors this year are drawing to an end the Monday sketch group decided to brave the wind and sketch outside. 

Here's my view looking south

until this boat docked right in front of me!

So I turned to the west and did a quick sketch of the landscaping.

Much too quickly it was time to head back home. Time flies when you're battling the elements, boats and having fun!


  1. so this maybe the inner art nerd of me speaking, but I found those three captions absolutely hilarious.
    "here's my view...","then this boat...", and finally "so i turned west..." suburb! you had me giggling in joy. I can't remember the last time It was a large boat that docked infront of me but I can think of many other objects which do the same. Awesome work, wonderful read. I'm gonna have to add you to my blog roll.

    Keep em coming,
    Benjamin J.

  2. Wonderful view and sketch of it before the boat cut you off... how rude LOL
    Love the view west... makes me wonder what was on the other compass points... and an idea to sketch the view in all directions... might be interesting to try.

  3. Beautiful pages - I like the double-page spread even with the boat having docked. That's the same sort of thing that happens to me all of the time when I try to sketch folks in public. I will find someone that I can tell will be there a good long time - maybe they are just starting to eat. I will start sketching, and then someone will sit down right in front of them!