Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One Watercolor a Day…But Not Quite

Exercise 1

 When I read, way back in the summer, that Veronica Lawlor had a new book coming out I was so excited I immediately preordered it,  One Watercolor a Day. These thumbnails are the first exercise. The exercise is an invitation to play with the paint, to get involved with the medium. The book is an invitation to play with your creativity and develop your style and skill. I've been an admirer of Veronica's work for a long time and look forward to working/playing my way through the book. There's a group, One Watercolor a Day, on FaceBook to give support and encouragement. The FB group is moving at a weekly rate rather than daily. That's more doable for me! I'll keep you posted. Better yet join in!


  1. Love this… and did not know about the book… sounds fun.

  2. The paintings are great. Thanks for the info on the book one watercolor a day. I will check it out. Polar Vortex=painting daily!