Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Everything Old is New Again!

Sketching Like an Architect with Joel Berman

What an incredible weekend! It was my privilege and pleasure to introduce Urban Sketching to two eager classes at this year's USk-Chicago Sketch Seminar. Many in the classes were not new to sketching but they wanted to hone their skills for sketching quickly on location. Some in the classes were relatively new to both sketching and on location sketching. In either case when my workshops were finished I felt like a mother bird watching her chicks leave the nest and go on to spread their wings in the other workshops.

Filled with their enthusiasm I managed to squeeze in a class myself. On Sunday afternoon I joined Joel Berman's workshop "Sketching Like and Architect." Great class! We started out with thumbnail sketches (a favorite way of mine to start!) and worked up to 6 second sketches! Then we gathered in the courtyard at the Fourth Presbyterian Church for a relaxed sketching denouement.

There is nothing like joining with of other artists to renew and invigorate your own creative juices. Thank you students and instructors alike!


  1. I enjoyed your class so much and so did Laurel, she managed to make a new friend and will be joining the Chicago Urban sketchers in future. I'm a very proud granny of an incredible young artist. Thanks for letting me know about the workshops in Chicago.

  2. Thank you, Elaine! I'm glad you and Laurel had fun. You know the old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." If Laurel has your tenacity and love of sketching she'll go far! I look forward to seeing her at USk-Chicago get togethers. I hope you get back to Chicago soon.